This 2021 New Year reflect where God has brought you and where He is taking you. Consider how blessed you are. As you reflect and begin 2021 with an attitude of gratitude the following are some free things you can offer to others that will bring you Joy with the Biblical Scriptures to support them:

1. Gratitude for Jesus and Others

Dedicating time each day to prayer and reading Scriptures is a demonstration of worship, experiencing the fullness of God, and gratitude for the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, who wants a restorative and redemptive relationship with you.

2. Generosity to Others

Generosity – this doesn’t have to be money, this can be sharing your time, talents, or knowledge and experience. Gratitude toward others can be as simple as saying please and thank you.

3. Volunteering with Others

There are a multitude of opportunities available. At The Mercy Table we greatly appreciate volunteers on the 4th Saturday of the month. When sharing in this experience with others you create a community and a special bond with new friends.

4. Being Friendly to Others

Compliment someone, become a friend to the homeless, a shut in, a vet, learn their story, listen, if someone in the store has only a few items and you have more let them go first.

5. Helping Others

Become aware of your surroundings. Offer to carry heavy dog food bags or cases of bottled waters to the car for someone, ask your neighbors if they need anything from the grocery store when you’re going, offer transportation to those who have a need, or offer to make a meal for a sick friend. Simply put, if there is a need you can meet – meet it.

6. Encouraging & Cheering Others on

Acknowledge your employee for a job well done, as an employee acknowledge your employer, attend a sports game of the kids in your neighborhood or church and cheer them on, when new goals are set offer kind words to encourage and build up one another in love.

7. Rest & Recreation for You

Rest is not something you can get back and God Himself rested on the seventh day. Rest is for man not for God. Consider where your energy is most impactful and have the wisdom to know you can let go of the areas where they’re not. Rest is acknowledging our Lord knows how we are feeling and what we are thinking. You don’t need to hide your struggles in this area. Instead, bring this to the Lord. Pray that He allows you to see things that are affecting your thought life in a negative way and pray to be more positive in your thought life.

Recreation is playing. Play is so important for our personal development and growth, improvements in physical health e.g. lowering blood pressure and cholesterol level, improving self esteem, creativity and sense of accomplishment, having more fun, it enhances pleasure, reduces stress, increases life satisfaction, and can improve the quality of our relationships.

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