Most of us may think that the Passover is related to the time when the Angel of Death moved through Egypt during the time of Moses and killed all the first-born Egyptians – including the pharaoh’s first-born son.

This is part of the story of Passover, but it is just a small piece of it. The true story of Passover is woven into the fabric of the Bible itself. It is so much more than a single night and a single event. It is so much greater than Moses standing before Pharaoh saying: “Let my people go.”

Below are links to two versions of a short story called A Series of Moments: The Passover. There is an English version and a Spanish version. Feel free to read, download, and share this content. Do not modify the content in any way.

A Series of Moments: The Passover

Una Serie De Momentos: La Pascua

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