One Believer’s Testimonies

God’s Economy

Food Stamps

In my early twenties I was a mother with two little ones, a two year old daughter,  a son only months old, and a welfare recipient. This was at a time when food stamp booklets were issued, cash aid was received in paper check form, and you had to find your way to the nearest check cashing place to claim your benefits. I hadn’t yet learned how to make a dollar stretch and a single dollar seemed like hundreds. 

Long Beach California Blue Line Metro Rail

The blue line metro in Long Beach, California, was near where we lived and as we prepared to walk the few blocks home in front of me was a man with shallow pocketed sweat shorts. His wallet packed with bills fell to the ground due to the weight it carried. I picked up the wallet, noticed the stack of money and returned it to the rightful owner. My now ex-husband was furious with my decision to return the money when our circumstances seemed desperate. 

I don’t recall exactly how many days there were between this event and going to the check cashing place to pick up my benefits, but it wasn’t many. We lived in a very poverty stricken neighborhood where all the residents in the nearby housing complexes all received some type of government assistance. When I arrived at the check cashing place I noticed a single $20 bill lay on the floor with a gold glowing aura around it and in my ignorance called out asking if the $20 belonged to anyone. All eyes looked in my direction, but with a confused look. The kind of look that tells you they think there’s something not right with you. It was like they couldn’t see the $20 bill was holding and nobody claimed the money. I definitely attribute this as a miracle of God. I don’t remember what I did with the money, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with food. It usually did. 

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