The beautiful faces you see in these picture area more than just faces. Each person in these photos have shared their time, talents, and treasures with the community month after month serving 150+ meals. They are committed and faithful to carry out the mission of The Mercy Table offering holy hospitality and dignity shepherding God’s people in mercy and kindness with a willingness to share their faith walk and prayers with meekness, gentleness, kindness, wisdom, and most of all love. Moreover each one of these beautiful people have a servants heart ready to to jump in and help wherever needed. The Mercy Table is so much more than a ministry. When you look at the faces in the pictures below commit them to memory because they’re ready to be a living example of the love of Jesus Christ. They’re ready to share the good news of the Kingdom come and remind you of the hope we have in Jesus Christ. There are not words enough to sufficiently express the gratitude, honor, and privilege it is to serve alongside all the individuals pictured here and many more that are not pictured.

This song is dedicated to all The Mercy Table volunteers past and present.

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