One Believer’s Testimonies

Trusting the Lord’s Promises Part 3 of 4

That Tuesday during my lunch break at work I went to pick up the $60 I loaned to my friend knowing I had an interview that evening. I left for what I wished would be a successful interview for a second job and it turned out it was for a direct marketing sales job where you were required to purchase their product and earn sales commission. Even if I thought I might be a successful sales woman, I didn’t, I couldn’t afford to purchase a product. I was there to earn income not spend income I didn’t have. Once all the interviewees were present there was only a way out and the doors were locked. The interview was organized as a group interview first, then split into individual interviews and in their efforts to make it through all their candidates the entire process took about two plus hours. I was the second to last to complete my interview. I walked out of the interview with my head down in disappointment. 

As I got closer to my car there was a young father inquiring of his son’s whereabouts within the building and within the interview process. He proudly explained this was his son’s first interview. I let him know what the job entailed and that his son was the last candidate being interviewed. 

He noticed the Jesus stickers on the rear window of my car and inquired if I was a believer. I told him I was and much conversation followed. I often tease that Christians are like hens in a hen house. Once we know we’re each a believer we can talk on and on about or faith and Jesus. This father had plans to attend the Bible Study at their church, but the time it was taking for his son to complete his interview wasn’t going to allow for this. He explained he had purchased food for the Bible Study that evening and how he had never done that before, but that still small whisper kept prompting him and he obeyed. 

His son finished the interview and was hired should he purchase the product. His dad embraced him and gave a quick introduction to who I was and the conversation we just had and we said our goodbyes. I then leaned my head on the car in prayer where I inquired of the Lord if I Should go straight home or stop by the grocery store. It was late and I hadn’t seen my children all day, but I finally had some money in my pocket, the $60, to buy some groceries. Within milliseconds of inquiring of the Lord the father tapped my shoulder and said the following, “Something just told me to ask if you need this food? We’re not going to make it to the Bible Study and again reiterated how he had never bought food for the Bible Study before. I was told this is for you?” I had no words as tears of relief rolled down my cheeks. I told him what I had just finished praying and how he was God’s answer to my prayer. 

This father bought more than enough for seven of fried chicken, potato wedges, macaroni and potato salad, foot long sandwiches, and possibly more. This lasted that evening, the following morning, afternoon, and evening, all the way through Friday when I got paid and went grocery shopping for our household. Seven days in total we watched God provide meal after meal. 

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