by Jay Sea on April 30, 2021

Which way are you running? We’re all either running to or from God. there is only one other option which is standing still. We want to tell God to come to us but are unwilling to move towards Him. 

Standing still might get us into heaven, but without action how can we take claim to the things He promises? I feel as though we’re too afraid of what we might have to give up, although what God asks us to remove might be difficult we can usually live without. I wonder how much better those things He’s trying to give us is? If we remain standing still we’ll never know. This might just be me, but I rather regret nothing, which is why I choose a relationship after God’s heart. 

When I run to God I can see his presence in my daily life as a friend and a father. When I disobey there are consequences and this is true for all choices we make. Many people consider this type of relationship as a dictatorship. However, if I were a kid playing with fire and burn a building down my offense would not go unpunished. Some people may even be quick to assume I was neglected or even if I wasn’t neglected they might say I have bad parents. The hardest thing that they have to give up is control, to submit, we all do. We all have an authority over our lives we submit to. What greater is there than one willing to love me so much He is willing to teach of every act or deed, good or bad, have consequences, some positive and some negative, to the point He is willing to lay down His life for me that my life might be saved.

People scared of all that God asks are often the ones running in the opposite direction. Now I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but I wonder if they know all they are missing out on, and if they do know, is it worth it? If God is my Father, He will provide, a bridge as shelter from the rain, a tree to shelter from the son, or fruit for food, he provides. When I trust in God I can take claim to His promises.

Which direction are you running? Are you running? 

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