If you are blessed with $86,400 and someone stole $800 from you, would you pend the remaining $85,600 or even just a portion of this amount chasing down the $800 that was stolen and trying to cause harm to the offender? Yes, you are upset about the stolen $800 and mad at the harm the individual or group caused you, but if your cost was greater than the amount stolen to have the $800 returned to you, is it worth it?

God blesses you with 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour day. Choose carefully how you decide to use those seconds responding to others rather than reacting. Choose carefully how you allow the world to affect you. Don’t allow someone to have enough control over your life to ruin your day over a few seconds or minutes with ignorant or hateful comments. Choose to believe there are things they are struggling with in their life and that’s the best they have to offer. Choose carefully how you want to honor God with your time.

No matter the situation, do not be so foolish as to believe the enemy won’t do whatever it takes to keep you acknowledging the God moments. God moments are seconds and minutes God offers a peace that surpasses all understanding, responds in grace and truth with love, the calm in the eye of the storm, and the blessing to live out another 86,400 seconds of another 24 hour day.

Now, having the knowledge of 86,400 in a 24 hour day, a week is 7 days with 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, 604,800 seconds, how much of that is devoted to a relationship with God. In the amount of time you have chosen to spend with God, should hear and answer your prayers?

***Information in this message was taken from Deja Dotson “Unbroken” and expanded upon. Deja’s written words were the inspiration for this writing. ****

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