If you were to make a side by side comparison of what this world has to offer and what a life lived for Jesus Christ has to offer, you would find both are very attractive, but only one is seductive.

The world offers the love of money, pursuit of power, prestige, and trust in the tangible, (stuff). What the world offers seems to either be right in the reach of your fingertips or quickly slipping through your fingers. There’s a constant chase for more and the next big, better, or new thing. The world rules with force, power, and oppression. The world offers a life that ends in death.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, life offers a love of people, the pursuit of joy, humility, and trust in the unseen (the eternal). A life lived for Jesus Christ is available to all, at all times. The love of Jesus Christ is constant, and His love remains steadfast. His Word teaches there is nothing new under the sun and the chase does not exist. A life with Jesus Christ rules with invitation, partnership, peace, and freedom. A life with Jesus Christ offers a life that ends with life everlasting.

When money is viewed and used as a resource it is a valuable tool. When money becomes your idol and the source that rules your life, that’s something else. The tangible “stuff”, we all have “stuff.” We have homes, furniture, cell phones, vehicles, etc. Jesus Christ followers as well as those who don’t follow Jesus all have “stuff”. The “stuff” is not bad in and of itself. The question is, does the stuff control you and how are using the “stuff” you have?

An option of living a life filled with joy, (this does not mean bad things don’t happen or that you won’t have a bad /sad days), and contentment, which leads to a life of abundance flowing over and eternity without sorrow is available to you.

Why write this? Is the point to change your mind or hope for a conversion? No. It is simply to provide information and you can examine the information for yourself.

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