When you think about where you live, what attract you there? A vibrant culture? Local parks and eateries? School districts? Friendly neighbors? Employment?

Whatever your reasoning, where you live has become ‘home’ typically because of the community you’ve created there.

Without communities, we would live very isolated lives with minimal to no contact outside of our immediate social circle. Getting outside of our close-knit group, and meeting new people is an essential part of cultivating a fulfilled life. It allows us to support one another, interact, share experiences our joys, our burdens, our struggles, and our victories. Having this open bond with others is what builds valuable lifelong relationships and gives us a deeper sense of belonging.

Communities are also rich in resources. Your strengths may be someone else’s weaknesses and vice versa. With the diversity of skills, common goals can be achieved that much faster.

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things!” -Mother Teresa

When you think about the community you want to build or be a part of what comes to mind?

We understand the importance of community, yet so many of us tend to feel disconnected. In an age of technology you can enter the virtual world of online social media, email, and chat to connect instead of face to face, but as we recently discussed there is an immense amount of benefits when we do not neglect meeting together over a shared interest, activity, sports team, food, etc. We have to be careful to not let technology replace the local, physical connection.

In what ways do you want to see your community thrive? If being a part of a strong healthy community is important to you- come visit us at our next event Saturday, September 25th from 12pm to 2pm at 611 Vitality Drive Fortville, IN 46040.

The Mercy Table is dedicated to community engagement where FUN is had, FOOD is shared, and FRIENDSHIPS made.

There is always a seat waiting for you at The Mercy Table.

We hope to see you there!

Cites: https://healthoholics.com/theimportance-of-community/

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