“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured
by the compassionate actions of its members.” -Coretta Scott King

What is Community?

A community is defined as a group of people who interact with one other and share common characteristics. Within these communities, people develop strong relationships from romantic relationships to friendships, and anywhere in between that heavily influence an individual’s personal attributes. 

Communities are everywhere! How important are these groups to the mental stability of the average person? The answer is: VERY. With access to more data collected from research, we are able to understand that a person’s overall health is not only determined by their physical well-being, but also how well their mind is doing. The body, mind, heart, and spirit are linked together, (Deuteronomy 6:5, Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27).

Successful ways of life to keep a person’s body healthy are common sense and more well-known: you eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods and maintain a good exercise regime. Understanding how to truly stay mentally healthy is a little more complex and begins at a young age through the development of solid connections. 

Family Community from Childhood 

One of the first, and arguably the most important, communities an individual is exposed and belongs to is their family community. It is said the significance of good parenting and a person’s socioeconomic status plays a huge role in the development of a child’s personality. Yet it is the people that grow up with the least that give the most.  

Children learn a lot of mimicking the speech and action of their parents, along with the way their parent disciplines and rewards them. For example, if a parent uses swear words often, then the child will use the same derogatory words their parents use. 

Another example is if a parent continuously lies to their child, a child may develop strong trust issues since they do not know how to successfully develop and maintain and trustful bond with another person.

A parent who influences their child successfully understands that there is a needs for authority and leniency. To demonstrate this as a parent, you must set understandable, clear, and age appropriate guidelines for your child, and following through with consequences both negative and positive. Consistency in enforcing these guidelines will help your child develop stability and an understanding of discipline. 

Culture Community

We are also influenced by our culture community, work, school, friend, medial (social and otherwise), and/or any other group organization we may belong to or look up to. Every experience or encounter develops general mental health as a person.

People who surround themselves with communities that make them feel welcomed, valued, and like they can be exactly who they are as a person without feeling any judgment are the people who set themselves up to have the most successful and peaceful state of mind. 

Workplace CommunityA work community can have a couple members or an endless amount. Not everyone is going to get along with one another in the workplace, but generally people who are satisfied with their leaders and coworkers have a better chance of mental peace. People who are psychologically overwhelmed with the members of their work community will have more stress and less motivation to go to work.

Internet Community

Another community example is our online community. Technology plays a huge role in communication nowadays. People have developed an online presence and share this community with other peers. Unfortunately, there has been uproar that social media has sparked higher levels of anxiety and depression amongst the current generation. Social media is a place of communication via comments, likes, shares, posts, etc. People who works towards endlessly impressing members of their social media community versus positively reinforcing themselves, will be less mentally stable. A tip for success is to remember that happiness does not come from the acceptance of others.

Community Connections

Connections matter. A sense of security, support, love, and acknowledgement helps to give us a feeling of purpose and mental safety and stability. As important as it is for a person to love themselves, it is equally important to feel loved and wanted by others, and to love others, (Leviticus 19:18). Human connections and communities allow humans to relate and learn from one another in order to understand what it takes to be mentally healthy.

At the heart of the matter it is really simple, Love God, Love People.

Resources: https://socialmettle.com/what-is-importance-of-community/, https://www.claritychi.com/the -importance-of-community/

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