Headline: Cyrus II, End of Hebrew Captivity, and the Fall of Babylon

Image: Cyrus II

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTAgTCXja4Q

Date Range: 539-530 BC

People: Belshazzar, Cambyses II, Cyrus II (Kurash), Nabonidus

In 539 BC, Cyrus II defeated Nabonidus in the Battle of Opis. Shortly after, he captures the city of Babylon. The Cyrus Decree, recorded on the Cyrus Cylinder, describes how he governed the new empire. There is a significant amount of crossover here between Biblical accounts and historical data. Cambyses II, son of Cyrus the Great, rose to power in 530 BC, and the monument to Cyrus II is located at Pasargadae.

Bible Verses: 2 Chronicles 36:22-23, Ezra 1, Isaiah 44:28, Isaiah 45:1-3, Daniel 1, 5, 6:28, 10:1

Battle of Opis
Cambyses II
Cyrus Cylinder
Cyrus the Great
Cyrus the Great: Digging for Truth Episode 148
Nabonidus Chronicle
When Was Daniel Written?
Who Wrote Isaiah?

539 BC was a significant year in the history of the world. Cyrus the Great defeated and captured Babylon. By his edict recorded in the Cyrus Cylinder in his first year, he developed and implemented a different way to govern. As a result, the Israelites were freed to return to their land. This was foretold in Isaiah 45.

Timeline and Chronology:
530 BC: Cambyses II succeeds Cyrus
539 BC, October 12: Cyrus captures Babylon. Cyrus proclamation
539 BC, September: Battle of Opis
550 BC: Cyrus defeats the Median Empire
553 BC: Nabonidus starts self-imposed exile from Babylon. Belshazzar rules.
556 BC, May 25: Beginning of reign of Nabonidus

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