Every now and then I find myself trying to enforce my plans instead of God’s will. If I were a nonbeliever that would seem to be the evident choice, however, that isn’t the case for myself. As a believer, I should seek His will counting it a joy to do His work, but there are times I turn a blind eye or give God the cold shoulder, I quickly find myself searching for His help to fulfill the desires of my flesh.

One huge example I know many can relate to is the search for a girlfriend/boyfriend, often sooner than we are ready. I know I want a family of my own someday to extend my lineage, but at this current time I I’m not ready to commit into a relationship. I am not yet financially stable, but that’s a topic for another day. Still somehow I have just enough for my bills and sometimes even a few dollars left to my name, something I’m sure many of us are all too familiar with. With that said, in the times when I don’t know how I’m going gather enough to pay for such and such, right when I tell myself I’m out of time, God shows up. God shows up seconds after the brink in some fashion, often by getting a hidden bonus or an unexpected check coming in the mail.


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