Mercy Table Teaching Kitchen

The Mercy Table Food Education Program provides the opportunity for both book education and hands on experience to learn (how to):
Cook on a Budget
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Food Safety Certifications and Guidelines
Healthy Eating and Food Nutrition
Herbs and Spices and How to Use Them
How to Budget Money and Money Management
Psychology of a Grocery Store
Recipes for Common Food Pantry Items
Where Does Food Come From: Community Gardens, Farms, and Ranches
and much more.

Learning and knowing how to apply that knowledge is an important part of changing your circumstances. Mercy Table provides those opportunities to learn. We also walk along side you as you actually budget, cook, negotiate, and shop. We give you hands on opportunities to learn how to hudget, cook, grow food, shop, and so much more.

This program and these classes show you the world of food and how to thrive in it. Success for us is:
Confidence in the Kitchen
Food Safety Certification
Healthy Outlook on Life
Improved Budgeting and Money Management.

Park Place COG Kitchen
Park Place COG Kitchen